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Oral History of Linda Moscato

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Oral History, Moscato


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Oral history of Linda Moscato, interviewed by John Settle on March 2, 2013, for the UCF Public History Center's History Harvest. In the oral history, Moscato discusses the items she contributed to the History Harvest, which including photographs, birth certificates, and other documents.

Moscato was born Linda Leigh Morgan on November 11, 1940, in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, where he great grandfather was a steel worker. The father of Moscato's daughter, Joseph Moscato, entered into military service during World War II when he was 17 and later became a teacher for truck driver training in Miami, Florida. She had three children, all of which were born in Miami: Scott Sheridan, Anna Sophia Moscato, and Dean Moscato. She also graduated from the University of Central Florida on May 1, 2004, with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.


Oral history interview of Linda Moscato. Interview conducted by John Settle at UCF Public History Center in Sanford, Florida.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:20 Items contributed for digitization
0:03:12 Importance of history
0:03:55 Items contributed for digitization
0:04:15 Closing remarks


Settle, John
Moscato, Linda


Moscato, Linda. Interviewed by John Settle. UCF Public History Center, HAR1063471P. March 2, 2013. Video record available. UCF Public History Center, Sanford, Florida.

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Digital transcript of original oral history: Moscato, Linda. Interviewed by John Settle. UCF Public History Center, HAR1063471P. March 2, 2013. Video record available. UCF Public History Center, Sanford, Florida.

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UCF Public History Center History Harvest, Spring 2013


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Okay. My name is John Settle. We’re here at our History Harvest event at the [UCF] Public History Center. It’s Saturday March 2nd, 2013. I’m here with Linda…


Moscato. And how did you hear about our event today?

In The [Orlando] Sentinel newspaper.

That’s great. Can you tell us about some of the items you brought to have digitized?

Yes. I can. This is a copy of my graduation certificate and a picture of me when I graduated from UCF [University of Central Florida].
This is a copy of my daughter, Anna [Moscato]’s father, Joseph Moscato, from the Second World War. He was 17 when he went into the service.
And this is also a picture of him as a teacher for truck driver training in Miami, Florida. Joseph Moscato
And this is a picture of, John Dando, and he was my great grandfather from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvannia. And he was a steel worker.
And this is a certificate of baptism for my daughter, Anna Moscato.
And this is my birth certificate from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
And this is a picture of my son, Scott Sheridan, and my daughter, Anna Moscato.
And I have these birth certificates. This is of my oldest son, Scott Sheridan. And its front and back, it shows their little feet. That is how they printed the children that many years ago.
And this is a birth certificate from my daughter, Anna Sophia Moscato.

You brought quite the collection you have to be digitized. Do you want to just say a little bit about, you know, why your personal history is important to you?

Well , I think, we need to—it’s a part of history. And it’s a part of being part of the United States, and a proud member of a family. And what a family means to people. And I am a history buff. I like history. And I attend a lot of history events. And so I just wanted these to be on a disc, so that they can be saved, because, of course, a disc is gonna last a lot longer than paper.
And this is my son Dean Moscato. That’s his birth certificate.
And, I don’t know, these are small versions. So I don’t know whether you can use those. These were the cards that were on their bassinettes, when—when they were born.
And that’s what I have.

That’s great. We really appreciate you coming out. Okay, I’m gonna go ahead and stop recording.

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