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Nearly 100 Years of the Sanford Herald is now digitally available.

On August 22, 1908, the Sanford Herald published its first issue. Featuring articles about the cost of purchasing and developing farm land and the details of orange culture, the first issue was named the “industrial edition” as Sanford was then known as the Gate City to Florida.

Today, news of the past is no longer limited to print. A collaborative partnership between the Museum of Seminole County History, the Sanford Museum and the University of Central Florida History Department resulted in a digital archive spanning nearly 100 years of news from the Celery City.

Begin your journey into the past by searching the Sanford Herald Digital Archive.

PLEASE NOTE: Issues published from 1908 to 1962 are currently available. As the optical character recognition process continues, newspapers beyond 1962 will also be available through RICHES. The qualitity of the digital scan varies due to the quality and condition of the origanl docuement. 

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