Alterations, since last Return, among the Enlisted Men


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Alterations, since last Return, among the Enlisted Men

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Returns of Alterations




The alterations, since last return, among the enlisted men of the Company K Tenth Cavalry from July of 1889. The monthly returns were used to report on the strength of each regiment, including total numbers of men present, absent, sick, or on extra duty, as well as happenings during the month. Officers were listed by name, as were enlisted men who were absent, on special duty, or who joined or left the unit during the month. Later returns included strength reports in terms of horses and artillery.

A notable soldier listed in this record is William H. Walden. Born and raised in Virgo County, Indiana, Walden married Mary E. Cook in Richmond, Virginia, on November 11, 1884. On November 1, 1892, Walden enlisted in the United States Army, serving as a blacksmith in the Company K Tenth United States Cavalry. This unit travelled to Florida to prepare for deployment to Cuba, but Company K remained in the United States. Walden died on July 17, 1898, from acute peritonitis caused by an incision wound across the chest and abdomen. Originally buried in the Lakeland City Cemetery in Lakeland, Florida, he now rests in the Saint Augustine National Cemetery in St. Augustine, Florida, in Section A, Grave Number 130.

In 2017, the University of Central Florida was one of three universities selected to launch the National Cemetery Administration’s Veterans Legacy Program Project. The program engaged a team of scholars to make the life stories of veterans buried in the Florida National Cemetery available to the public. The project engages UCF students in research and writing and fosters collaboration between students, faculty and local Central Florida schools to produce interactive curriculum for K-12 students. The corresponding website exhibit uses RICHES Mosaic Interface to create a digital archive of related data. The public can use the project-developed augmented-reality app at more than 100 gravesites at the Florida National Cemetery, where they can access the UCF student-authored biographies of veterans.


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Digital reproduction of original returns of alterations.


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