Harry Black and Maggie Benjamin Black

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Harry Black and Maggie Benjamin Black

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Harry and Maggie Black


Sanford (Fla.)


Harry Black (d. 1911) and his wife, Maggie Benjamin Black (ca. 1870-ca. 1934) in the 1800s. Harry and Maggie were the parents of Leckward Black, Mustar Black, Malachi Black, Leatha Black Walker (1889-1976), Pilgrim Black (1905-2002), Margaret Black Jones (1889-1976), and Harriett Black Lawson. They were also the grandparents of David Harry Black (1929-2012), Vivian Louise Black (1940-), Lula Yvonne Black (1942-), Charles Samuel Black (1945-), Pilgrim Black, Jr. (ca.1947-), and Patricia Ann Black (1956-).

The Black family migrated from South Carolina to Sanford, Florida, during the 19th century. Maggie Benjamin Black was the daughter of former slaves, Isaac and Roseanna Benjamin. Harry and Maggie had their wood house built in the 1880s or 1890s at the corner of East 25h Street and South Sanford Avenue. Their house served as a meeting place for many of the elite members of the African-American community in Sanford. At one point, a business had asked to purchase the six acres of land that the Black family owned. Maggie agreed to sell the land under the condition that the lumber could be reused to build houses on East Tenth Street. Maggie built a large home for herself and her children and several three-room houses for rental. She later gave the houses to Pilgrim and two of her grandsons, who made several additions to convert them into homes for their families. This photograph is one of only three artifacts that Pilgrim Black owned of his parents.


Original black and white photograph: Private Collection of Patricia Ann Black.

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ca. 1870-1899


Black, Patricia Ann

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Sanford, Florida

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Inherited by Pilgrim Black.
Inherited by Patricia Ann Black in 2002.

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Flewellyn, Valada S. African Americans of Sanford. Charleston, SC: Arcadia Pub, 2009.

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