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300-304 South Sanford Avenue

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300-304 S. Sanford Ave.


Sanford (Fla.)
African Americans--Florida
Georgetown (Sanford, Fla.)
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The building located at 300-304 South Sanford Avenue in the Georgetown, an historic African-American neighborhood in Sanford, Florida. The earliest known occupant of Suite 300 was A. E. Philips, who was the only druggist in Sanford by 1892. Although Philips transferred ownership of his drugstore to his brother, Lucien R. Philips, in 1894 and established a new business in Clear Water Harbor, he still maintained residence in this location around 1911. Besides being a store owner, Philips was also a published writer on pharmaceuticals and well-respected within the community. Philips joined the Florida State Pharmaceutical Association in 1887. In 1891, he was in attendance during the fifth annual Florida State Pharmaceutical Association in Jacksonville, where he submitted a paper that won a gold medal from the association. He also addressed the issue of large department stores undercutting the prices of local pharmacies. He proposed resolutions that the association denounce the practice of cutting prices and that the druggists should do whatever they could to keep drugs from being sold in department stores. Philips was also elected to the office of president, presumably of the association.

In 1917, the lot was the residence of J. M. Saucer, a representative of District 3 (which included Alachua, Clay, Duval, Lake, Marion, Orange, Putnam, Seminole, and Volusia counties) in the Florida Budget Commission from approximately 1931 to 1941. This lot was then occupied by E. Mable-Saint Drugs from approximately 1924 to 1926. Dr. Edward D. Strickland, a successful African-American dentist who previously practiced at 507 South Sanford Avenue in 1924, had his office in Suites 300-302 from 1926 until 1946. In 1926, Dr. Strickland also shared his office with Dr. O. A. Prince, a black physician. Dr. Strickland resided at 305 South Sanford Avenue in 1917 and moved to 511 South Sanford Avenue by 1926. From approximately 1947 to 1952, the Sanford Jewelry & Luggage Company was housed at this location. In 1965, the lot was occupied by Grant's Clock Shop. The lot was listed as vacant in 1975.

The Knights of Pythias Hall was the first known occupant of Suite 302 in 1917. The Knights of Pythias is a secret fraternal organization that was founded by Justus H. Rathbone on February 19, 1865, in Washington, D. C. This particular chapter consisted of African-American men. William Rosseter, who was also an African American, was also listed as a resident at this address that same year. From approximately 1924 to 1926, Albert Gramling, a local black businessman, operated a billiards room at this location. During that same period, the Knights of Pythias Hall was listed at 302 1/2 South Sanford Avenue. Victory Beer Garden was listed at this address in 1947 and Victory Tavern was listed here in 1952. Both of these African-American establishments were likely under the same ownership. In 1952, the Victory Taxi Company was listed at this address, but later returned to Victory Tavern in 1965. Around 1966, the tavern's owner, Jerry Bentley, passed away and his beer and wine license was transferred to his widow, Natherine Bentley.

In 1911, two occupants were listed at 304 South Sanford Avenue: A. Foster, a resident, and J. H. Lee & Company. The people who occupied this lot described below were all African Americans. Two local businesses were then run from this location: Braboy & Sapp in 1917 and Scipio Bracey's barbershop  was here from approximately 1924 to 1947. From approximately 1924 to 1926, blacksmith W. O. Green ran his business in the rear side of the building. In 1947, Isaiah F. Frazier also operated his billiards room at this address. 304 1/2 South Sanford Avenue was listed as the residence of James Austin in 1947 and Louis A. Loyd in 1952. In 1952, Preston Williamson was listed as a resident at this location, as well as the Frazer & Fulton Pool Room. Williamson owned the Seminole Barber Shop, located at 420 South Sanford Avenue, from 1963 to 1969. By 1965, the Suite 304 was vacant.

At the time that this photograph was taken in January 2012, Suites 300-304 were being occupied by Jason's Martini Club. Jason Turner, the owner of the club, purchased the building in 2002 and began leasing it to a tenant who opened Rhythm and Brew's. A second tenant opened the bar as Sharkey's, until Turner decided to open his own martini bar in the building called Jason's Martini Club in December 2007. Turner also opened Fat Rat's Lounge, a 1920s-style bar, at 410 South Sanford Avenue in 2010.


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