Oviedo Woman's Club 50th Anniversary

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Oviedo Woman's Club 50th Anniversary

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Oviedo Woman's Club Anniversary


Oviedo (Fla.)
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The 50th anniversary celebration of the Oviedo Woman's Club (OWC) in 1956. Pictured in the photograph are former OWC president Mrs. Homer Hunt; former Florida Federation of Women's Clubs (FFWC) president Mrs. Ralph Austin Smith; OWC President Helen Leinhart; former OWC president and charter member Mrs. B. F. Wheeler, Sr.; and FFWC District VII director Mrs. Cecil Norris.

The Oviedo Woman's Club was founded in 1906 as the Oviedo Magazine Club by seven charter members: H. B. McCall, Edith Meade, Georgia Lee Wheeler, Lillian Lee Lawton, Mattie Aulin Wheeler, Milcah Yonge, and Mary King. The first clubhouse was constructed in 1914 and also served as Oviedo's first library. In 1916, the club joined the FFWC and officially changed its name to the Oviedo Woman's Club. In 1923, the woman's club was federated under the umbrella of the General Federation of Woman's Clubs (GFWC). A new clubhouse was built in 1961 on property donated by R. L. Croom, a former member, which is located at 414 King Street. The Oviedo Woman's Club is involved in many civic projects, including the annual Great Day in the Country Arts and Crafts Festival, the Spring Fundraiser, Tasting Luncheons, and Celebrate Spring Teas.


Original black and white photograph, 1956: Private Collection of Beatrice Gestrich.

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Oviedo Woman's Club, Oviedo, Florida

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"Our History." Oviedo Woman's Club. http://www.oviedowomansclub.org/our-community/our-history.html.

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