Vegetable Shipments in Refrigerated Boxcars


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Vegetable Shipments in Refrigerated Boxcars

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Vegetables in Refrigerated Boxcars


Ice industry--United States
Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery--United States
Refrigerator cars--United States
Sanford (Fla.)


Vegetables being crated for shipment by rail during the first quarter of the twentieth century. Each boxcar was refrigerated by blocks of ice provided by local ice houses in Sanford. With the introduction of ice houses and refrigeration, farmers were able to harvest their crops more efficiently and to take in more profits from the better preserved fruits and vegetables. Farmers in relied on local ice houses to better preserve their crops before and during transport to markets. Box cars were also refrigerated to ensure that produce crops remained fresh until they were sold. Many farmers in Sanford, Florida grew celery during the early-1900s and utilized the local ice houses to store their produce. It was recommended that celery kept in ice refrigeration be stored at 32-34 degrees Fahrenheit.


Original black and white photograph: Sanford Museum, Sanford, Florida.


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