Sanford and Everglades Railroad

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Sanford and Everglades Railroad

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Celery Belt Line


Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company
Sanford (Fla.)


List of latitude and longitude coordinates for the Sanford and Everglades Railroad.The creation of a railroad through Sanford began when a group of celery growers expressed interest in extending railroad tracks to their farmlands. When the Atlantic Coast Line ignored the requests, a group of prominent local growers provided the funds and began construction of the Sanford and Everglades Railroad. With the help of A.T. Rossiter, J.N. Whitner, A.P. Connelly, S.O. Chase, and F.P. Forester, the railroad was built and opened in 1910. The railroad broke off from the Atlantic Coast Line near 15th Street in Sanford and ran east until Beardall. It then turned south and ran until Pine Way where it turns west and reconnects to the Atlantic Coast Line railroad. By 1913, the Atlantic Coast Line purchased the property and rights to the Sanford and Everglades Railroad. The railroad was nicknamed the Celery Belt Line.


Coordinates compiled as part of a RICHES student project.

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Sanford, Florida
Sanford, Florida

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28.79762, -81.26668
28.75001, -81.26867

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