U.S. Census for Central Florida, 1850


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U.S. Census for Central Florida, 1850

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Census, 1850


Census--United States
Orange County (Fla.)
Marion County (Fla.)
Population--United States


The Seventh United States Census records for Orange County (including present-day Seminole County and part of Lake County and Osceola County) and Marion County for 1850. The census divides the population by race ("White" vs. "Black") and gender. The "Black" population is further divided into slaves and "free blacks." The population is  also divided by out-of-state origin and foreign origin. Finally, the census collected information on agriculture, including number of farms, cash value of farms, acres of improved land of farms, acres of unimproved land of farms, and value of livestock.

In March of 1849, Congress pass legislation that established a census board consisting of the Secretary of State, the Attorney General, and the Postmaster General. The board was responsible for preparing and printing forms and schedules for enumeration related to population, mining, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, education, etc. The 1850 Census also increased population inquiries to include every free person's name (as opposed to just the head of the household), as well as information on taxes, schools, crime, wages, estate values, etc.


Original census data by the U.S. Census Office, 1850.


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Digital reproduction of original census data by the U.S. Census Office, 1850.

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Orange County, Florida
Marion County, Florida

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Originally collected by the U.S. Census Office and published by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

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U.S. Census of 1850
Marion County Orange County*
White Population
Total 2,068 238
Male 1,147 139
Female 921 99
Free Black Population
Total 1 2
Male 1 2
Female 0 0
Slave Population
Total 1,269 226
Male 633 107
Female 636 66
People Born Out of State
Total 1,358 66
People Born Out of the United States of America
Total 16 6

Marion County Orange County*
Total 329 19
Cash Value of Farms
Farms $346,695 $60,000
Farming Implements and Machinery $31,885 $14,095
Acres of Farmland
Improved Land 11,451 963
Unimproved Land 44,168 4,083
Value of Livestock
Total $174,703 $27,020
Animals Slaughtered $28,687 $1,475

*Includes present-day Seminole County and parts of present-day Lake and Osceola counties

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U.S. Census Office, “U.S. Census for Central Florida, 1850,” RICHES, accessed July 22, 2024, https://richesmi.cah.ucf.edu/omeka/items/show/3831.