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Oviedo Railroad Depot

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Oviedo Railroad Depot


Oviedo (Fla.)


The Oviedo Depot, located at 636 South Lake Jessup Road in Oviedo, Florida, in 1975. The depot was Originally constructed at 520 South Lake Jessup Avenue in 1886 as part of the Henry Bradley Plant railroad system. The design of the depot was based on the design standards set by the Plant System. This standardized system for the Florida lines had three depot styles based on the population of the town or city it serviced. The Oviedo design was the small town wooden depot design, as opposed to the larger cities that had brick depots. The depot was later moved to its present location at 636 South Lake Jessup Road.

During World War II, the roof of the depot was used as guide for patrolling planes that flew out of Sanford Airport. Along with the depot, there was Originally a red warehouse for the produce and a water tank used for the train engines. In the 1970s, the depot was sold to the Connolly family, which chose to preserve it from demolition. The depot now sits on the Connolly's property as a guesthouse and its exterior is fully restored.


Original black and white photograph: Oviedo Historical Society, Oviedo, Florida.

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ca. 1886-1969

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Oviedo Historical Society, Oviedo, Florida.
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Oviedo Train Depot, Oviedo, Florida

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