Barbecue at Sweetwater Park


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Barbecue at Sweetwater Park

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Sweetwater Park


Oviedo (Fla.)
Fourth of July
4th of July
Independence Day (U.S.)


A Fourth of July barbecue at Sweetwater Park, located at 201 East Magnolia Street in Oviedo, Florida. Theodore Luqueer Mead and his wife, Edith Katharine Antill Edwards Mead, donated five acres of wooded hammock land to be used for the park. The Oviedo Woman's Club (OWC) Originally spent a number of years trying to develop the park, but ultimately deferred the project to the Town of Oviedo. The OWC later donated benches to the park in 1950.

The event was hosted by American Legion Post 243 to raise funds for a chlorinator for the town swimming pool. Post 243 is currently located at A491 West Broadway Street. The American Legion is a social veterans' organization for former and current members of the United States Armed Forces. The organization was chartered by the United States Congress on September 16, 1919, following World War I. The American Legion has been active in influencing political and social change, such as the founding of the U.S. Veterans Bureau, which was the forerunner of the Veterans Administration and later the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); efforts to pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting the physical desecration of the American flag; the creation of the American Legion Baseball program; the passing of the Servicemen's Readjustment Act, commonly known as the GI Bill of Rights; contributing to the launch of the National Association for Mental Health; sponsorship of an independent study on the effects of the exposure of Agent Orange, a herbicidal weapon, on veterans of the Vietnam War; as well as many other activities and achievements.


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Sweetwater Park, Oviedo, Florida

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"History.' The American Legion.
American Legion. The American Legion. Indianapolis, Ind: American Legion, 1981.

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