Sixteenth Census Population Schedule for Miami Beach, Election Precinct 28


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Sixteenth Census Population Schedule for Miami Beach, Election Precinct 28

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Census Population Schedule for Miami Beach, Election Precinct 28


Miami Beach (Fla.)
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The U.S. Census population schedule for Election Precinct 28 in Miami Beach, Florida, in 1940. Individuals are identified by name, titles and terms, gender, age, marital status, race, relationship to head of household, birthplace, birth year, the last place of residence, and occupation. A notable resident listed in this record was Captain Lee Silver (ca. 1922-1945). Capt. Silver was born to in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Herman Silver and Bertha Silver, around 1922-1923. His parents were Herman Silver and Bertha Silver. By 1940, the Silver family had migrated to Miami, Florida, where Lee attended Miami Beach Senior High School. During World War II, Capt. Silver served in Company G, of the 42nd Infantry Division (42ID)'s 232rd Infantry Regiment. He died near the Haardt Mountains of France on February 23, 1945, and was awarded a Silver Star and a Purple Heart. Capt. Silver is currently buried at Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial in Dinozé, France, with a Star of David headstone, indicating Jewish heritage.


Moates, Gladys B.


Digital reproduction of original census record by Milton G. Greenberg, April 13, 1940.

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Originally created by Milton G. Greenberg and published by the Bureau of the Census.

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Blount, Ryan
Cepero, Laura

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