Oral History of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright

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Oral History of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright

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Oral History, Wright


Sanford (Fla.)
Georgetown (Sanford, Fla.)
Lakeland (Fla.)
Daytona (Fla.)
St. Petersburg (Fla.)
Boca Raton (Fla.)
Miami (Fla.)
Atlanta (Ga.)
Indiana (Pa.)
African Americans--Florida--Sanford


Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright was born and raised in Goldsboro, an historic African-American community in Sanford, Florida. He lived in Sanford for most of his early life, except for one year in Lakeland for ninth grade. He attended Goldsboro Elementary School and Crooms High School, where he graduated in 1964. For his college education, Dr. Wright attended Volusia County Community College (now Daytona State College) in Daytona for one semester, Gibbs College (now merged with St. Petersburg College) in St. Petersburg for the first part of his Bachelor of Arts degree in English, Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton for the second part of his B.A. in English, Atlanta University for his Master of Arts degree in English, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania in for his Ph.D. in Linguistics and Rhetoric.


Oral history interview of Stephen Caldwell Wright. Interview conducted by Julio R. Firpo at the home of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright in Sanford, Florida.

Table Of Contents

00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:32 Introduction
00:01:16 Education
00:02:45 Growing up in Goldsboro
00:04:40 Wright family
00:07:00 The community's role in Wright's upbringing
00:07:50 J. R. White
00:11:20 Crooms High School and segregation
00:15:46 Teachers and teaching black history
00:16:29 Comparing Crooms to high school in Lakeland
00:18:24 Working while in school
00:22:49 Decline of Sanford Avenue's commercial district
00:25:27 Comparing Goldsboro to the white part of Downtown Sanford
00:26:51 Interaction between Goldsboro and Georgetown
00:29:47 Crooms High School
00:31:48 Volusia County Community College
00:33:35 Integration
00:36:55 Comparing communities in Daytona, St. Petersburg, and Boca Raton
00:41:23 Florida Atlantic University
00:48:14 Interactions with Cubans, Hispanics, and whites in Boca Raton
00:55:13 Atlanta University
00:59:11 Miami and its poetry scene
01:01:11 Comparing Miami and Atlanta
01:02:02 Experience in Indiana, Pennsylvania
01:13:35 Teaching at Crooms High School
01:20:09 Teaching high school and teaching community college
01:22:24 How Sanford changed over time
01:24:59 Race relations in Sanford
01:27:03 How Goldsboro changed over time
01:29:11 Naval Air Station Sanford
01:31:37 Vietnam War
01:36:24 Sanford during the 1980s, the 1990s, and today
01:47:57 How students changed over time
01:53:10 Sanford's aging population
01:57:20 Closing remarks


Firpo, Julio R.
Wright, Stephen Caldwell


Wright, Stephen Caldwell. Interview by Julio R. Firpo. Home of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright. March 27, 2011. Audio record available. RICHES of Central Florida.

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Goldsboro, Sanford, Florida
Georgetown, Sanford, Florida
Crooms High School, Goldsboro, Sanford, Florida
Lakeland, Florida
Volusia County Community College, Daytona Beach, Florida
Gibbs College, St. Petersburg, Florida
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida
Atlanta University, Atlanta, Georgia
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania

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Originally created by Julio R. Firpo and Stephen Caldwell Wright and published by RICHES of Central Florida.

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Firpo, Julio R.

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Sanford, Florida

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