400-402 South Sanford Avenue

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400-402 South Sanford Avenue

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400-402 S. Sanford Ave.


Sanford (Fla.)
Georgetown (Sanford, Fla.)


The lot located at 400-402 South Sanford Avenue in Georgetown, an historic African-American neighborhood in Sanford, Florida. The earliest known residents of Suite 400 were J. I. Anderson, Harry Wray, and S. Comick in 1911. J. M. Stumon was listed at 400 1/2 S. Sanford Ave. Anderson was an Inspector of Marks and Brands for districts 2 and 3 in Sanford in from 1917 to 1920. By 1917, Stumon became the sole resident of this lot and by 1924, he was running his grocery from this location, although he was replaced by another grocer, C. J. Coleman, in 1926. This lot was then occupied by Table Supply Stores Grocery in 1947 and then the County Veterans Institute, which also included Suite 402, in 1952. In 1965, the Jenkins Furniture Company New & Used was listed at this address. By 1975, Ansley TV Service had moved here from 416 South Sanford Avenue.

By 1917, Wray had moved next door to 402 S. Sanford Ave. In 1924, both J. H. Tillis Meats and G. E. deHeredia Dry Goods. In that same year, The restaurant of Garfield Young, who lived at 404 S. Sanford Ave., was listed at 402 1/2 South Sanford Avenue. By 1926, deHeredia's store was replaced by E. Mable Saints Fruits. At the time that this photograph was taken in January 2012, this building was occupied by Exact Plumbing, Inc.


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Georgetown, Sanford, Florida

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