The Famous Clock in Downtown Sanford


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The Famous Clock in Downtown Sanford

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Downtown Sanford Clock


World War II
Sailors--United States
Second World War
Sanford (Fla.)


Sailor walking by the historic clock in Downtown Sanford, Florida. At the time that the photograph was taken, the clock was located at the intersection of West First Street and South Park Avenue.

the clock was originally purchased for the First National Bank No. 1, which was located in the Lyman Bank Building at 101 West First Street, in 1883. When the First National Bank moved to the corner of West First Street and South Park Avenue, the clock was stored in the basement. In 1931, A. H. Moses, a produce dealer, donated the clock to the City of Sanford. The City then placed the clock on top of a pole and traffic signal at the intersection in front of the bank. The clock broke shortly thereafter and the City received a repair estimate of $200 in January 1936. The City Commission decided to cover the clock faces with cardboard instead of repair it. In 1941, the clock was removed, as it had become a traffic hazard with the advent of bigger and faster automobiles. The clock was moved to the Elks Club Lodge, located at the northeast corner of East Second Street and San Juan Avenue. In the 1980s, the downtown renovation project had the clock refurbished by Stella Oritt, who was the granddaughter of Moses, and her husband. Oritt refurbished the clock on the condition that it would remained on Magnolia Avenue, which is where she grew up. The clock was dedicated at Magnolia Square, located at the north end of South Magnolia Avenue near East First Street, on July 9, 1985.

from Naval Air Station Sanford often visited downtown and interacted with locals during the Second World War. This photograph shows an unknown sailor walking by the famous clock in Downtown Sanford.


Zern, Galen W.


Original 11 x 7 inch black and white photgraph by Galen W. Zern: NAS Collection, Book 1, "The Beginning-NAS Sanford 1942," Sanford Museum, Sanford, Florida.


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Digital reproduction of original 11 x 7 inch black and white photgraph by Galen W. Zern.

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NAS Collection, Book 1, "The Beginning-NAS Sanford 1942," Sanford Museum, Sanford, Florida.
Sanford Collection, Seminole County Collection, RICHES of Central Florida.




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11 x 7 inch black and white photograph




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Sanford, Florida

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Originally created and owned by Galen W. Zern.

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Copyright to this resource is held by the Sanford Museumand is provided here by RICHES of Central Florida for educational purposes only.

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Rajtar, Steve. "Sanford Historical Trail."

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The Famous Clock- Downtown Stanford 1943-1946

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Zern, Galen W., “The Famous Clock in Downtown Sanford,” RICHES, accessed July 18, 2024,