WUCF Artisodes Short: Mr. Richard

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WUCF Artisodes Short: Mr. Richard

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Mr. Richard Artisode


Mr. Richard, 1961-
Orlando (Fla.)
Concerts--United States
Musicians--Southern States
Disco music--United States
Record labels--United States
Hialeah (Fla.)
Pop music
Rock music--United States


For many parents in Orlando, Florida, Richard Peeples, also known as Mr. Richard, is a big-time musical talent, thanks to his popularity with their children. Peeples and his band, the Pound Hounds, entertain children with what he describes as "whimsical pop rock." Henry Stone was a record company executive and producer in Miami, who recorded Ray Charles, James Brown, KC and the Sunshine Band, and was responsible for many disco recordings. The segment looks at a documentary being filmed about the recording legend. The Artisode also includes brief segments on recording artist Justin Hayward and the Moody Blues, an upcoming documentary on Bing Crosby, WUCF's Student Artist of the Week, Michael Romaniello, and the Jungle Book on Broadway.

WUCF-TV is a Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) television station serving the Central Florida television market. The station, operated by the University of Central Florida, is the region's sole PBS member station, reaching an estimated population of 4.6 million people in its aerial viewing area. Arts and culture take center stage in WUCF-TV's weekly local series: "WUCF Artisodes." Each episode airs Thursdays at 8 p.m., featuring a local artist or initiative, as well as stories on the arts from across the country. Developed in partnership with 28 PBS stations nationwide, this series is part of WUCF-TV's mission to give everyone a front-row seat to the arts. This Artisodes originally aired as "WUCF Artisodes #171: Mr. Richard" on September 10, 2015.


Original 24-minute and 42-second audio/video recording: WUCF Artisodes. "WUCF Artisodes #171: Mr. Richard." Directed by . Written by . WUCF-TV. September 10, 2015.


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ca. 2015-09-10

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Alaimo, Steve
Anderson, Polly
Armstrong, Louis
Benjamin, Kristin
Bowen, Jared
Brady, John
Cook, Jennifer
Crosby, Jr., Harry Lillis
Dotson, Bill
Earll, Robert
Echeverria, Rita
Egber, Mitchell
Fuchs, Kyle Mahoney
Gomez, Edgar
Greenwald, Mark
Hall-Brown, Maria
Harrison, Shannon
Hayward, Justin
Hecker, Neal
Herring, Mike
Hiles, Catherine
Hirten, Brian
Hucome, Jamie
Ingrao, Laura
Kantor, Michael
KC and the Sunshine Band
Kelly, Brian
Kelly, Paul
Kendrick, Demetria
Kipling, Rudyard
Latimore, Benny
Lundstrom, Mark
Magallon, Al
Manouse, Ernie
Matier, Megan
McCrae, George
McGinty, David
Meza, Nancy
The Moody Blues
Moormann Mark
Mr. Richard &amp
the Pound Hounds
Murray, T.L.
Nicholson, Jeremy
Peck, Doug
Peeples, Molly
Peeples, Richard
Pinder, Michael Thomas
Pittman, Buddy
Powell, Jr., Howard
Reid, Clarence
Retherford, Ryan
Rivera, Angela
Romaniello, Michael
Salkowski, Keith
Sherman, Richard
Sherman, Robert
Stone, Henry
Strauss, Eric
Thomas, Kenny
Trachtenberg, Robert
Vidal, Yoandy
Watanabe, Fujio
Watson, Dan
Wolf, Jennifer
Zimmerman, Mary

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Central Florida Music History Collection, RICHES of Central Florida.




24-minute and 42-second audio/video recording




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Orlando, Florida
Hialeah, Florida
Orangewood Christian School, Maitland, Florida
Houston, Texas
Broadway, Boston, Massachusetts

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LeBlank, Albert. "<a href="http://jrm.sagepub.com/content/29/2/143.short?rss=1&amp
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Salkowski, Keith
Pittman, Buddy
Greenwald, Mark
Gomez, Edgar
Manouse, Ernie
Hecker, Neal
Hall-Brown, Maria
Bowen, Jared