Oral History of Henry A. Martin

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Oral History of Henry A. Martin

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Oral History, Martin


Vietnam War, 1961-1975


Oral history of Henry A. Martin's military service during the Vietnam War (1961-1975). Martin was born on July 8, 1941 in Sayre, Pennsylvania. In 1960, he enlisted in the United States Army and served as an Ordinary Engineer. Throughout his military career, Martin served in Italy, Germany, Vietnam, and Korea and achieved the rank of Sergeant First Class. He received the Good Conduct Medal and the Instructor of the Month award. Martin completed his service on July 1, 1981. This oral history interview was conducted by Carmen Carroquino on November 18, 2010

The Vietnam War was a Cold War Era "military conflict". The war was originally waged between Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. The United States became involved as a preventive measure to combat communism. The official date of the military conflict is November 1, 1955 and ending in April 1975. The date of the war has been disputed, but a study in 1998 by the Department of Defense definitively put the start of the Vietnam War as November 1, 1955. The first combat military troops 9th Marine Expeditionary Brigade didn't arrive until 1965. With the arrival of the combat troops came the first traditional battles of combat fighting in the war. During the Vietnam War, not only did American military go into battle with and for South Vietnam, the military also trained members of South Vietnam to fight alongside during the war. Peace talks were attempted, with France moderating, beginning on May 10, 1968. These talks were unsuccessful and lasted over three years. The longest battle of the Vietnam War began on January 21, 1968 and didn't end until the U.S. reclaimed Route 9 on April 8, 1968, seventy-seven days later. While the military conflict ended in 1975, it was a long process towards reunification and redevelopment as a country. The conflict left Vietnam in both political and economical ruins.

While the U.S. military was fighting overseas, Many American citizens protested the war at home. Demonstrations took place across the country with the most famous one being at Kent State University in Ohio. While this is the most well known demonstration it was not the first. Americans questioned the U.S. involvement in the war throughout.


Oral history interview of Henry A. Martin. Interview conducted by Carmen Carroquino at Veterans of Foreign Wars in Winter Springs, Florida.

Table Of Contents

00:00 Beginning Enlist questions/basic training (boot camp)
11:09 Vietnam experience/duties/home for (RR) rest
20:00 Family, life in the military, travel, culture
33:20 Left the military-life after
39:30 Afterthoughts on military career and how he feels about young veterans


Carroquino, Carmen


Martin, Henry A.. Interviewed by Carmen Carroquino. UCF Community Veterans History Project, DP0010472 November 18, 2010. Audio record available. UCF Community Veterans History Project, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Central Florida Libraries, Orlando, Florida.


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Martin, Henry A.


Veterans of Foreign Affair in Winter Springs, Florida

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Carroquino, Carmen, “Oral History of Henry A. Martin,” RICHES, accessed May 18, 2024, https://richesmi.cah.ucf.edu/omeka/items/show/634.