Orlando Steam Laundry Company and Dixie Sales & Service

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Orlando Steam Laundry Company and Dixie Sales & Service

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Orlando Steam Laundry Co. and Dixie Sales & Service


Orlando (Fla.)
Laundry industry--United States


The Orlando Steam Laundry Company, located at 43 West Concord Avenue, and Dixie Kuhr’s Dixie Sales & Service in Orlando, Florida. Orlando Steam Laundry Co. was first established in 1900 and was officially incorporated on January 1, 1923. While originally located on Concord Ave., the company later moved to 1705 Depauw Avenue. The president was Arthur H. Hillman, the Treasurer was Bernard D. Sommers, and the Director was Sally A. Hillman. The company is no longer in business, as it shut its doors on April 16, 1975.

Orlando Steam Laundry Company was a model of efficiency. Each bundle of laundry was sorted by fabric and color before being sent to the battery of washers, where each customer’s laundry was kept separate by nets and put into compartments. The clothes would be washed and the water would be removed by centrifugal extractors that were so gentle that they would not damage a single button. Rollers would finish the work to keep everything flat and then the clothes would be sent to a specific finishing machine for every different type of article of clothing. From here, they would be boxed up and sent back out to the people on one of their service cars.


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Orlando Steam Laundry Company, Downtown Orlando, Florida

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