Oviedo Area Colored Schools

Adjacent to the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church was a tradiational one room "Red School House."By 1913 another room was added due to the increase in students. In the "little room," first through fourth grade were taught, while fifth through eighth grade were taught in the "big room." By 1923, the building had begun to deteriorate and $2,000 were appropirated to renovate. However, plans were made to purchase a building that was formerly used for white students on South Division Street.

For 10 years, three teachers taught with little to no resources. By 1950, a number of classrooms had been added and the ninth and tenth grades were added to the school. During the 1950s all of the Oviedo area Colored Schools were consolidated. A new site was built where classes for the younger grades were held, while the older grades remained at the old site. The school went through a variety of names: Orange Academy, Seminole Academy, Oviedo Jr. high, and Oviedo Elementary. On December 8, 1961, the Seminole County School Board officially appoved the name chosen by students and PTA members: Jackson Heights.

A Written and Pictorial History of the Oviedo Area Colored Schools, 1890-1967

In 2001, former students of the Oviedo Area Colored Schools (Oviedo Elementary, Geneva, Kolokee [Snowhill], Gabriella [Jamestown]) got together for a reunion of the 1953-1967 Classes. This featured document details the history of the black community's effort to create a place to educate thier children. There is a general overview and timeline of the consolidation of the Oviedo Area Schools into two distinct campuses in the predominatly African-American Jackson Heights neighborhood. This document is importantin understanding the history of segregation Seminole County schools, a subject that hs not been fully explored in relation to Oviedo's history.

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church
Oviedo Area Colored Schools