WUCF Artisodes: Music at Large

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WUCF Artisodes: Music at Large

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Music at Large Artisode


Orlando (Fla.)
Music--United States
Music--Juvenile--United States
Folk music--Florida
Youth orchestras
Alliance for Arts Education (U.S.)
Concert halls


In this edition of WUCF Artisodes, a Central Florida couple open their home for a concert, bringing together folk musicians and fans, an upstate New York barbershop doubles as a hair salon by day and a music lounge by night, Student Artist of the Week, Jaden Christopher-Muench, is highlighted, the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra inspire future musicians, and the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance pairs two of the city's arts organization in a unique working relationship. WUCF-TV is a Public Broadcasting Service television station serving the Central Florida television market. The station, operated by the University of Central Florida, is the region's sole PBS member station, reaching an estimated population of 4.6 million people in its aerial viewing area. Arts and culture take center stage in WUCF-TV's weekly local series: "WUCF Artisodes." Each episode airs Thursday at 8 p.m., featuring a local artist or initiative, as well as stories on the arts from across the country. Developed in partnership with 28 PBS stations nationwide, this series is part of WUCF-TV's mission to give everyone a front-row seat to the arts - whether it's in their backyard or on a Broadway stage. This episode originally aired as "WUCF Artisodes: Music at Large" on February 11, 2016.


Audio/video recording of Music at Large, WUCF-TV Artisode, February 11, 2016.



Original 24-minute and 42-second audio/video recording of Music at Large, WUCF-TV, Orlando, Florida, February 11, 2016: WUCF-TV, University of Central Florida.


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Pittman, Amber
Rivera, Angela
Dotson, Bill
Hirten, Brian
Kelly, Brian
Pittman, Buddy
Hiles, Catherine
Brand, Connie
McGinty, David
Dayton Ballet
Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Kendrick, Demetria
Duemmel, Emily
Strauss, Eric
Rodriguez, Frank
Heston, Grant J.
Christopher-Muench, Jaden
Hucome, Jamie
Wilson, Jason
Cook, Jennifer
Wolf, Jennifer
Calandra, Jessica
Brady, John
Kurokawa, John
Papp, John
Hamel, Joshua
Burke, Karen Russo
Salkowski, Keith
Boyd, Kenneth
Benjamin, Kristin
Warner, Kurt
Mahoney Fuchs, Kyle
Hetrick, Marcia
Lundstrom, Mark
Bischof, Melanie
Matier, Megan
Bounagura, Michael John
Herring, Mike
Jurgensen, Mike
Meza, Nancy
Kelly, Paul
Deblasio, Rayne
Nordstrom, Richard
Wonderling, Richard
Echeverria, Rita
Brand, Roy
Retherford, Ryan
Nagys, Sigy
Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra
Gentry, Tiffany
Murray, T.L.
Grocki, Tony
Macaluso, Tony
Wiedrich, William




Original 24-minute and 42-second audio/video recording




Moving Image


Dayton Performing Arts Alliance, Dayton, Ohio
Michael John Hairstyling Barber Lounge, Albany, New York
Nashville, Tennessee
Orlando, Florida
Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra, Tampa, Florida
University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida
University of South Florida Concert Hall, Tampa, Florida
Villa ConRoy, Orlando, Florida
West Orange High School, Winter Garden, Florida
WUCF-TV, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida

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Originally created by WUCF-TV and published by WUCF-TV.

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Cravero, Geoffrey

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