Mayor Bill Frederick and Dr. Nelson Ying at Construction of Red Chinese Ting


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Mayor Bill Frederick and Dr. Nelson Ying at Construction of Red Chinese Ting

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Red Chinese Ting Construction


Orlando (Fla.)
Guilin (Guangxi Zhuangzu Zizhiqu, China)
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City of Orlando Mayor Bill Frederick and Dr. Nelson Ying placing the top piece of the Red Chinese Ting in Downtown Orlando's Lake Eola Park. Erected in 1988, the red Chinese pagoda-like structure is called a ting due to its single story. It was constructed out of wood, ceramic, brick, and mortar. Dr. Ying bestowed the ting to the City of Orlando and Mayor Frederick in 1987. Ying, director of The China Group Incorporated, chose to dedicate the pavilion to beautify downtown and offer a place for international exchange for the mayor and dignitaries. Two years before the ting was gifted, in 1985, Ying worked closely with Mayor Bill Frederick to secure a sister-city relationship with the City of Guilin by accompanying Frederick on a three-week goodwill trip to China. Guilin’s downtown landscape consists of four lakes, and downtown is easily recognizable by several pagodas that adorn these lakes. Ying intended to honor the young sister-city relationship with Guilin by placing his donation on the edge of Lake Eola in an effort to mirror the sister-city’s landscape. The ting was built in China by the Shanghai Construction Arts and Crafts Corporation, then disassembled for shipping to the United States, then finally rebuilt in Orlando. The ting is located in the northeast corner of Orlando’s Lake Eola.


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Original color photograph, 1988: City of Orlando Archives, Orlando, Florida.

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Red Chinese Ting, Lake Eola Park, Downtown Orlando, Florida
Guilin, Guangxi, China

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Borawski, Gianna
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