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319-323 South Sanford Avenue

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319-323 S. Sanford Ave.


Sanford (Fla.)
African Americans--Florida
Georgetown (Sanford, Fla.)


The lots located at 319-323 South Sanford Avenue in Georgetown, an historic African-American neighborhood in Sanford, Florida. The earliest known occupant of Suite 319 was African-American resident R. S. Johnson in 1911. In 1926, the African-American-owned business called the Sanford Garage was located here, but the garage had moved to 317 South Sanford Avenue by 1926. Model Beauty Shop, another black-owned business, was listed at this address in 1947. In 1952, the building at this address housed four businesses: Jerry's Arcade and Brown's Studio Photography, an African-American business, on the first floor; the office of Julius Ringling, a black dentist, and Dr. George E. Starke, a black physician. It is possible that George E. Starke was actually Dr. George H. Starke (ca. 1899-ca.1979), who opened his practice in Sanford in 1927.

D. C. Brock, an African-American businessman, was the first known resident of Suite 321 in 1911. By 1917, Brock had moved to 314 South Sanford Avenue and by 1924, he was operating his tailoring business from that same address. He later moved to 612 South Sanford Avenue and in 1946, allowed black baseball players, including Jackie Robinson, to stay at in his home. In 1924, Dixie Furniture Company was listed at 321 South Sanford Avenue. By 1926, the furniture business had moved to 318 South Sanford Avenue and the Melton Electric Company had opened at this address. J. J. Melton, most likely the owner of Melton Electric Company, had previously worked as an electrician at 325 South Sanford Avenue in 1924. In 1947, cobbler William Metz operated his business from this location. Metz was likely the owner of Metz Shoe Shop Repairs, which was located at 422 South Sanford Avenue from approximately 1965 to 1975. By 1965, Suite 321 was housing FMB 5-10 & 25c Store, which had previously been located at 323 South Sanford Avenue from approximately 1947 to 1952.

K.S. Johnson, an African-American resident, was the first known occupant of Suite 323 in 1911. The Three-In-One Store was listed at this address in 1917 and J. A. Sands ran his plumbing business from this location in 1926. As stated above, FMB 5-10 & 25c Store operated from this lot from approximately 1947 to 1952, although the business moved to Suite 321 by 1965. At the time that these photographs were taken in January 2012, Suites 321-323 were vacant lots with no buildings. Sanford Supermarket, located at 329 South Sanford Avenue, can also be seen in this photograph.


Rock, Adam


Original color digital images by Adam Rock, January 23, 2012.

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Georgetown, Sanford, Florida

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Originally created by Adam Rock and published by RICHES of Central Florida.

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Rock, Adam. “319-323 South Sanford Avenue.” RICHES of Central Florida accessed December 2, 2023, https://richesmi.cah.ucf.edu/omeka/items/show/3685.



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