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Sanford (Fla.)


The photographs in the General Collection range in date from the late 1870s to the early 2000s. Many of the photographs within this collection contain photographs taken in and around the Sanford community and city proper. Additional photographs from outside of Sanford, taken in DeLeon Springs and the Tallahassee Children's Museum, as well as a postcard collection of cityscapes throughout the state, are included within this collection. Important social, political, and educational figures from Sanford's history are also displayed. Various clubs, organizations, schools, businesses, attractions, and government entities are what comprise the Student Museum's General Photographic Collection.

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Sanford, Florida


Marra, Katie
Cepero, Laura

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"Public History Center." Public History Center, University of Central Florida.
"Student Museum." Seminole County Public Schools.

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House of Bread Bakery
The House of Bread Bakery, located at 401 South Sanford Avenue in Sanford, Florida, in the 1920s. This four-unit building was located on the corner of South Sanford Avenue and East First Street in the historic African-American neighborhood called…

Street View of Sanford House Hotel
Built in 1875 by General Henry Shelton Sanford (1823-1891), the Sanford House Hotel was able to accommodate over 150 guests. At the turn of the century, the Sanford House Hotel was the center of all major city events and celebrations. The hotel…

Ensminger Brothers Photography Studio
The Ensminger Brothers would later be known as two of the most preeminent photographers in Central Florida, capturing scenes of everyday life throughout the region, as well as serving as two of the primary photographers to document troop mobilization…

Sanford Fire Department First Anniversary
Hook and Ladder Company #1 and Hose Company #1 parading along Sanford Avenue on January 1, 1884. The building pictured behind the companies is believed to be Sanford Fire Department, the city's first fire station. On September 20, 1887, the Great…

Atlantic Coast Line Passenger Station on West French Avenue
This location contains was home to a two-story brick Atlantic Coast Line passenger station, Sanford's third train station, which was built for a cost of $70,000 and opened on January 14, 1913. It served passengers until 1952, and was torn down in the…

Sanford Train Depot
This cityscape shows four trains parked at the Sanford Train Depot at the turn of the 20th century. The building to the right in the background is the Plant System Headquarters, controlled by Henry Plant. W. J. Hill and Company Hardware can be seen…

View of First Street Looking Towards Sanford Avenue
This is an especially dated dry plate photograph of Sanford, Florida in 1887. The majority of Sanford's buildings prior to the fire of 1887 were built of wood, without much structural integrity. The photograph shows signs of flaking emulsion, as…

First Street Looking Towards Sanford Avenue
The purpose of this cityscape is to contrast the drastic transformation the city of Sanford, Florida underwent between 1877 and 1910. Within the space of a single generation, the city had gone from a remote outpost for crackers and the most hardened…

Palmetto House in Sanford
The earliest settlements in the Sanford area consisted of primitive construction materials, many homes were built with little more than palmetto fans and pine saplings. After the fire of 1887, many of the city's buildings were rebuilt with brick, to…

Students at the Little Red School House
The Little Red School House, located at 519 South Palmetto Avenue, is Sanford's oldest standing building. Seminole County bought the land for the two-room school from the Florida Land and Colonization Company. Officially called East Side Primary, the…

First Street Fair in Sanford
A town fair held on First Street following the period in Sanford's history known as the "Decade of Disasters." The "Decade of Disasters" started with a bakery fire in 1887, which destroyed much of the city's east side, including many of the wooden…

Portrait of Clara Louise Guild
Clara Louise Guild, born June 5, 1864, was the first graduate of Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Her family originally hailed from Boston, Massachusetts. Her father, William Guild, was a Harvard Medical School graduate and pharmacist. Clara…

PICO Hotel Postcard
Sanford's PICO Hotel, located at 209 North Oak Avenue, was built in 1887 for Henry B. Plant, President of the Plant Investment Company or (PICO). The onion-shaped dome located on the southwest corner of the roof resembled a Turkish minaret. The dome…

Howard-Packard Land Company
The Howard-Packard Land Company offices, based out of the Peoples Bank Building located on 101 West First Street in Sanford, Florida.The building was constructed in 1883 as the Lyman Bank and is the oldest brick building in Sanford's downtown…

Sanford Orange Grove
For many years citrus reigned supreme in Sanford, Florida. From December 1894 to February 1895, Sanford experienced temperatures as low as 18 degrees. The Sanford area experienced what would be known as "The Great Freeze." The hard freezes destroyed…

W. H. Underwood Buggies and Wagons: Harness and Farm Implements
W. H. Underwood established his carriage factory between late 1908 and early 1909, according to a trade news publication from February 1909. The Underwood Factory manufactured carriages, delivery wagons, special-use vehicles, sign painting, and…

Steamboat Caloosa on Lake Monore
The Caloosa was one of many steamboats that operated along the St. Johns River during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Steamboats first appeared on the St. Johns in the 1860s. During the next several decades, the St. Johns River became…

Portrait of Mary Ensminger
This portrait is of Mary Ensmigner, Jefferson Clay Ensminger's eldest daughter. According to History of Buchanan County, Iowa: With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches, Mary was five years old in 1881; this would place her year of birth between…

Recess at Sanford Grammar School
This photograph was incorporated into the Orange County Bicentennial Committee's More than a Memory collection, which explicitly traces the photo's origins to the Sanford Grammar School, located at 301 West Seventh Street in Sanford, Florida. Three…

J. N. Whitner's Celery Farm During Harvest Time
Mecca Hammock Farms during the harvest season in the 1890s . This celery farm was owned by J. N. Whitner and B. F. Whitner Sr. In 1897, the Whitners planted three-quarters of an acre with celery imported from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Sanford was not…

Portrait of Jefferson Clay Ensminger
Self portrait of Jefferson Clay Ensminger, likely taken at the same time as his other portraits. Ensminger was born in 1843 in Stark County, Ohio. His father was a photographer and he likely picked up the trade from the family business based out of…

Dock and Freight Depot
This photograph shows activity at an unidentified dock as the contents of a steamship are unloaded. The scene also includes several locomotives both arriving and departing from the adjacent station. This is image is a prime example of efforts towards…

Portrait of Fredrick Ensminger
This photograph is a portrait of a man in his mid-twenties, wearing the traditional Victorian-era collar, crovat, and three-piece suit. Evidence indicates that the young man in this photograph is Fredrick Ensminger, born 1877.

Jefferson Clay Ensminger's Youngest Son
This photograph is a portrait of a young man in his early teens, wearing a suit, popular in style of the early 1900's. A note on the back of the photograph indicates that the photograph is one of Jefferson Clay Ensminger's son.

Portrait of Carrie Ensminger
This portrait is of Jefferson Clay Ensminger's daughter, Carrie Ensminger, at an unspecified time. Carrie Ensminger was born in 1882 and attended school at the Little Red School House in 1893. She would later become a teacher at Sanford Grammar…

Letter from David Stark to W. R. Vincent (December 30, 1975)
An official project of the Orange County Bicentennial Committee. "More than a Memory" is an insightful scrapbook of Central Florida's history. This letter is a correspondence between one of the book's three editors, David Stark, and W. R. Vincent. In…
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