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Sanford (Fla.)
Cigar industry--Florida
Tobacco industry--United States


The cigar industry was first brought to Florida by Cuban immigrants in the 1830s and became one of the nation's most important industries in the Southeast. By the last quarter of the 19th century, with Tampa serving as the cigar manufacturing center in the state. In the late 1800s, cigar factories began to appear in various other Florida cities, such as Jacksonville and Tallahassee.

Cigar manufacturing first appeared in Sanford sometime between 1909 and 1912. The Florida cigar industry came to its height in the first quarter of the 20th century, but then declined during the Great Depression and World War II, due to the accumulation of labor union conflicts over the years, the mechanization of production, and changing consumer demands. The industry was revitalized during the 1950s as production soared, despite the decline of the number of workers. Following the Cuban Revolution of the late 1950s and the U.S. embargo on Cuban products in 1962, the Florida cigar industry again declined. The Cuban embargo included tobacco, thus forcing American cigar rollers to begin using Dominican tobacco.

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Sanford, Florida


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New Cigar Factory: Sanford Will Be Center for Clear Havana Cigars in Future
A newspaper article about Florida-Cuba Cigar Company, a new cigar factory coming to Sanford, Florida, in 1919. The article describes the strategic location of the city for the growing cigar industry. The new factory was located on the second floor of…

Lucky Sanford Cigar Box
A Lucky Sanford cigar box housed in the Sanford Museum, located at 520 East First Street in Downtown Sanford, florida.. The cigar box was manufactured by John J. Mauser, who opened a factory, located at 120 North Park Avenue. His cigar shop occupied…

John J. Mauser: Manufacturer of Clear Havana Cigars
A newspaper article from the Industrial Edition of Sanford Chronicle, which was published by The Sanford Herald. The article is about John J. Mauser, a cigar manufacturer who opened a factory, located at 120 North Park Avenue, in Downtown Sanford,…

Joe's Smoke House Advertisement, 1919
A Sanford High School yearbook advertisement for Joe's Smoke House, a cigar shop owned by Joe Reizenstein and located in the Woodruff Building on the northwest corner of South Park Avenue and West First Street in Sanford, Florida, in 1919. The…

Former Location of the John J. Mauser Cigar Shop
The former location of a John J. Mauser cigar shop at 120 North Park Avenue in Sanford, Florida. The cigar shop occupied the space approximately between 1910 and 1922. John J. Mauser manufactured Lucky Sanford, Banker's Choice, and Clear Havana…

Newspaper quotation from an Orlando citizen about new that a cigar manufacturer would be bringing one hundred families to Sanford, Florida. This item demonstrates that rivalry between businessmen and politicians of Sanford and Orlando. This rivalry…

Lot of Former Cigar Manufacturer
The lot of a former cigar manufacturer that was located on South Oak Avenue, in Sanford, Florida, in 1924. The cigar industry was first brought to Florida by Cuban immigrants in the 1830s and became one of the most important industries in the…

Newspaper Articles on the Berriman Brothers Cigar Factory in Sanford
A newspaper article on the status and future of the cigar industry in Sanford, Florida. Published in The Florida Times-Union in 1910, the article states that Sanford does not expect to become a cigar center, but that the city will welcome all cigar…

Another Cigar Factory: Sanford is the Location for Making Clear Havanas
Newspaper article on the arrival of a new Berriman Brothers cigar factory in Sanford, Florida, in 1910. The article reports that the third floor of the Sanford City Hall was modeled for a Berriman Bros. cigar factory, but was declared inadequate by…
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