Other Historical Background Information

This article by Jim Robison provides biographical information on Forrest Lake from his arrival in Sanford to his demise as a corrupt politician.  Robison highlights the highs and lows of Lake's career and relates the fluctuations to the status of the Florida economy throughout the early- and late-1920s.

New Tribes Mission International Headquarters, Sanford, Florida

A two page history on the New Tribes Mission International Headquarters in Sanford, Florida.

Of all the documents in the "Hotel Forrest Lake Collection," this two-page history created by the New Tribes Mission staff provides the most information on the New York Giants' influence in establishing the Mayfair Inn as a tourist hot spot in Central Florida.  The document also highlights the various renovations that took place between each owner of the hotel.

Historical Society Tours Mayfair Inn

Newspaper article originally published in the Sanford Herald, undated.

Writer Grace Marie Stinecipher recounts the Sanford Historical Society's recent visit to the New Tribes Mission.  Featured speaker, Bill Kirchhoff, spoke at the event about the history of the building and the role his father, William E. Kirchhoff, Sr. played in establishing the hotel as a tourist destination in the 1930s.  William E. Kirchhoff, Sr.,  purchased the Hotel Forrest Lake from the City of Sanford and renamed the resort the Mayfair Hotel.

1000 East First Street, New Tribes Mission

Excerpt from the Holiday Tour of Homes 2008 program created by the Sanford Historic Trust. 

Every year, the Sanford Historic Trust hosts a Christmas holiday event highlighting the historic buildings and homes throughout the city.  In 2008, the first stop on the historic homes tour was the New Tribes Mission.