New Tribes Mission Finds Headquarters in Sanford

The New Tribes Mission purchased the Mayfair Inn in 1976 for $400,000.  By the time the New Tribes Mission took over the building, several additional buildings had been included on the six-acre property other than the original hotel structure.  While the building served as a hotel, another motel was built on the property to accomodate more tourists.  To meet the needs of students and teachers of the Sanford Naval Academy, the Bernard McFadden Foundation also constructed a gymnasium and classroom building.  The New Tribes Mission went through a series of renovation projects, with the intial renovation costs totaling $350,000.

New Tribes Mission Grows

The Sanford Herald article on the major renovation projects completed on the main building at the New Tribes Mission Headquarters.

Final Flush

Photograph of three original toilets from the Hotel Forrest Lake taken out by the New Tribes Mission during a renovation project.

A Non-Profit's Mission
New Tribes Mission Finds Headquarters in Sanford