Cloudy Springs

In 1976, the underwater performances halted significantly due to an increase of sediment in the springs that dangerously obstructed visibility. For many months the underwater performances were switched with stunt shows on the surface of the springs.[1] Bonnie Georgiadis explained that visibility was so limited that "you couldn't see your hand in front of your face underwater. It was like swimming in a glass of milk."[2] Weeki Wachee filed a lawsuit, blaming a nearby housing developer for the change in visibility. That developer counter sued for libel, claiming Weeki Wachee made false published statements about their company. The matter was ultimately settled out of court. By February 1977, the cloudy water had largely cleared up.[3]

Bonnie Georgiadis was the mermaid supervisor at the time and put together a show called, "The London Fog Mystery: Perils of Pearls" once the sediment cleared up.[4]

The decade came to an end with a rebranding. ABC added a water park on site in order to appeal to theme park crowds and remodeled the attraction to fit a South Pacific theme. This change included covering the iconic clam shell roof of the underwater theater. 


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