Performance Upgrades


After ABC bought the attraction and built a larger underwater theater, the performances became plays, which changed annually. Some of the plays included The Little Mermaid, Alice in Waterland, The Wizard of Oz, and Peter Pan. New technology allowed music to be piped into the Springs, enabling the mermaids to coordinate their stunts more accurately. A higher production budget brought elaborate props and costumes into the performances. Bonnie Georgiadis, who worked for Weeki Wachee Springs for thirty-seven years, discussed how significant the change was for the mermaids: "It was quite, quite a change between our little submarine size theater to one that would hold about three hundred people. Also, they hired show producers, choreographer, costumers. We had a costumer that did Ringling Brothers costumes. That's impressive."[1]

[1] Bonnie Georgiadis, interview by author, Tarpon Springs, FL, October 21, 2016.




Alternate view of the lift. Mermaids are standing on a metal platform that is a hydraulic lift. The platform had the ability to move up and down.