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This exhibit, produced by Orlando Remembered, shows objects from Rutland's, located at 111 North Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando, Florida. The original building, located at 63 North Orange Avenue, was constructed in 1940 by Joe Rutland. Over the…

The exhibit created by Orlando Remembered at the Regions Bank building, located at 111-113 North Orange Avenue in Downtown Orlando, Florida. The Orlando Remembered Committee of the Historical Society of Central Florida, Inc. was created to "showcase…

The Main Street Market, located at 137 Main Street (present-day North Magnolia Avenue) in Downtown Orlando, Florida.

Denmark's Sporting Goods, located at 149 North Magnolia Avenue (formerly Main Street) in Downtown Orlando, Florida. Denmark's was founded in 1941 by Tom Denmark and quickly became one of Central Florida's largest sporting goods suppliers. The store…
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