The Watermark, Vol. 4, No. 20, October 2-15, 1997

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The Watermark, Vol. 4, No. 20, October 2-15, 1997

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Watermark, Vol. 4, No. 2


Gay culture--United States


The twentieth issue in the fourth volume of The Watermark was published on October 2, 1997, and covers relevant news in the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, and others) community. The cover story features the discrepancy in Public Broadcasting System (PBS) programming regarding the gay and lesbian television magazine, In the Life. The show was hosted by Katherine Linton and aired in all major Florida cities except Orlando. Other stories include an interview with lesbian author Patricia Nell Warren regarding her latest novel in The Front Runners series, an interview with gay author Ethan Mordden about his latest installment in his "Buddies" series, Some Men Are Lookers, and a collection of anecdotes about LGBTQ+ individuals' first experiences at gay bars. Additionally, this issue provides updates on the decline in new AIDS cases and new breakthroughs in treatment for AIDS. Other topics covered included the court case of a Washington State teen, who had been bullied at school for being gay, and a local theatre production of Life In Other People's Shoes. This issue of The Watermark deals heavily with the concept of gay culture, especially as it is found in mass media, such as literature and television, and its lasting impact on LGBTQ+ individuals.

Since 1994, The Watermark has been the cornerstone source of LGBTQ+ centered news for the Central Florida region. Founded by Tom Dyer in Orlando, the publication began generating bi-weekly issues beginning August 31, 1994. Since then, The Watermark has consistently published newspaper-style issues every other Thursday. Gaining traction, the publication expanded in 1995 to include Tampa and, in 1997, The Watermark became a permanent piece of LGBTQ+ culture when the publication initiated the first large-scale Gay Days Weekend event, the Beach Ball at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Before 1999, the publication printed 20,000 copies every week, distributing them to over 500 locations between its two major cities. Following 1999, the publication launched shifting to an online publication style. In 2016, Rick Claggett purchased The Watermark.


Dyer, Tom
York, KimBoo
Kilgore, Michael L.
Toscas, Dmitri
Smith, Nadine
Kirchler, Karen
Wilde, Diane
Crescitelli, Jim
Kundis, Ken
Sloan, Rosanne
Almeida, David
Provenche, Andre
Thomas, Clive
Triggs, Greg
Vassel, Yvonne C. T.
Smith, Scott
Masters, Billy
Vaillancourt, David
Wiggins, Jayelle
Varnell, Paul
Keehnen, Owen
Mann, William
Skeel, Laura


Original 56-page newspaper: The Watermark, Vol. 4, No. 20, October 2-15, 1997: Publications Collection, GLBT History Museum of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.


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