The Watermark, Vol. 9, No. 22, October 24-November 6, 2002

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The Watermark, Vol. 9, No. 22, October 24-November 6, 2002

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Watermark, Vol. 9, No. 22


Gay culture--United States


The twenty-second issue of the ninth volume of The Watermark was published on October 24, 2002, and was the culminating issue of the 2002 midterm elections, providing readers with brief vignettes on where each candidate stood in relation to issues affecting the LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Queer/Questioning, and others) community. It also spotlights the demonstration that took place on the steps of Orlando City Hall to encourage Mayor Glenda Hood to make a decision regarding adding "sexual orientation" to the list of non-discrimination policies. This issue also has a pullout section for the second annual WAVE (Watermark Awards for Variety and Excellence) Awards, chosen online by the readers. This section includes articles covering some of the top winners, such as the Lava Lounge and the Urban Body Clothing stores in both Tampa and Orlando.

Since 1994, The Watermark has been the cornerstone source of LGBTQ+ centered news for the Central Florida region. Founded by Tom Dyer in Orlando, the publication began generating bi-weekly issues beginning August 31, 1994. Since then, The Watermark has consistently published newspaper-style issues every other Thursday. Gaining traction, the publication expanded in 1995 to include Tampa and, in 1997, The Watermark became a permanent piece of LGBTQ+ culture when the publication initiated the first large-scale Gay Days Weekend event, the Beach Ball at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. Before 1999, the publication printed 20,000 copies every week, distributing them to over 500 locations between its two major cities. Following 1999, the publication launched shifting to an online publication style. In 2016, Rick Claggett purchased The Watermark.


Blake, Michael
Campbell, Scottie
Chisman, Erin J.
Craige, Shelley
Crescitelli, Jim
Donahoo, Logan
Dyer, Tom
Guarino, David R.
Guay, Rena
Hartlage, Kirk
Jackowitz, Enid
Jackowitz, Syd
Kundis, Ken
Martinac, Paula
Masters, Billy
Rojas, Arturo
Shapiro, Gregg
Smith, Scott Jackson
Sullivan, John
Triggs, Greg
Varnell, Paul
Viren, Sarah
Walen, Rick
Westveer, Drew
Wiggins, Jayelle
Wilde, Diane


Original 72-page newspaper The Watermark, Vol. 9, No. 22, October 24-November 6, 2002: Publications Collection, GLBT History Museum of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida.


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ca. 2002-10-24

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Digital reproduction of original 72-page newspaper: The Watermark, Vol. 9, No. 22, October 24-November 5, 2002.

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Orlando, Florida
Tampa, Florida
Sarasota, Florida
Orlando City Hall, Orlando, Florida
Sawmill Campground, Dade City, Florida
Lava Lounge, Orlando, Florida
Urban Body Clothing, Tampa, Florida
Urban Body Clothing, Orlando, Florida
Starke, Florida

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