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Old Downtown Oviedo, Florida, looking east from the intersection of Broadway Street/County Road 419/Florida State Road 426 and Florida State Road 434/Florida State Road 419. A Coca-Cola sign can be seen the right side of the photograph. The two-story…

The Lake Charm Fruit Company Packing House, located along Geneva Road, on the south side of County Road 419 in Oviedo, Florida, in 1942. The Lake Charm Fruit Co. was established on January 22, 1923. Although the backside of the photograph states that…

Oviedo Drug and Meat World, two local stores located in Oviedo, Florida, in 1979. The two stores were located on the corner of East Broadway Street/County Road 419 and Florida State Road 426.

The intersection of Broadway Street and Central Avenue in Downtown Oviedo, Florida. Oviedo Florists was located on the corner of the intersection at 40 West Broadway Street, with Oviedo City Cleaners, Inc. just next door at 30 West Broadway Street.…

Browdy's Mini-Mart, a convenience store located at the north side of the intersection of Avenue B and East Broadway Street/County Road 419 in Downtown Oviedo, Florida.

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