Seminole County Public Schools Teachers and Salaries, 1913-1954

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Seminole County Public Schools Teachers and Salaries, 1913-1954

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Seminole County Teacher Salaries


Seminole County (Fla.)
Elementary schools
High schools--Florida


Seminole County Public Schools' Teacher Records from 1913 to 1954. When the Seminole County School Board was established in 1913, it began recording teachers' names, ages, certifications, years of experience, number of months contracted, and salaries in a loose-leaf ledger. Over the years, the records began including new categories of information, such as home addresses and colleges/universities attended. In total, the ledger includes 116 pages and details the teachers employed at both Caucasian and African-American schools. Schools were located in various towns in Seminole County including Sanford, Lake Mary, Geneva, Longwood, Oviedo, Clyde, Gabriella, Altamonte Springs, Chuluota, Paola, Lake Monroe, Goldsboro, Markham, Forest City, Curryville, and Midway-Canaan.


Original ledger by Seminole County School Board: Seminole County Public School System Collection, box 2, folder 1A, UCF Public History Center, Sanford, Florida.

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ca. 1913-1954

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Digital reproduction of original ledger by Seminole County School Board.

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Seminole County Public School System Collection, box 2, folder 1A, UCF Public History Center, Sanford, Florida.
Seminole County Public Schools Collection, Student Museum and UCF Public History Center Collection, Sanford Collection, Seminole County Collection, RICHES of Central Florida.




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116-page loose-leaf ledger






Sanford High School, Sanford, Florida
Lake Mary, Florida
Geneva Elementary School, Geneva, Florida
Lyman High School, Longwood, Florida
Oviedo High School, Oviedo, Florida
Gabriella, Oviedo, Florida
Altamonte Springs, Florida
Chuluota, Florida
Goldsboro Primary School, Goldsboro, Sanford, Florida
Paola, Florida
Forest City Elementary School, Forest City, Altamonte Springs, Florida
Curryville, Oviedo, Florida
Lake Monroe, Sanford, Florida
Midway Elementary School, Midway, Sanford, Florida
Kolokee School, Kolokee, Geneva, Florida
Osceola, Geneva, Florida
Fort Reed, Sanford, Florida
Hopper Academy, Georgetown, Sanford, Florida
Seminole High School, Sanford, Florida
Cameron City, Sanford, Florida
Crooms High School, Goldsboro, Sanford, Florida
Wilson Elementary School, Sanford, Florida
Seminole-Rosenwald School, Altamonte Springs, Florida

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Originally created and published by the Seminole County School Board.

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Copyright to this resource is held by the UCF Public History Center and is provided here by RICHES of Central Florida for educational purposes only.

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Cepero, Laura

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116 page loose-leaf ledger



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