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Exhibit WWCS1.jpg The Women of Weeki Wachee Springs State Park
Collection LMBP00008T.pdf Linda McKnight Batman Oral History Project Collection
Item Oral History of Thomas D. Wright
Item Oral History of Kem McNair
Item SC00568T.pdf Oral History of Algerine Miller
Item PHC00059T.pdf Oral History of Algerine Miller
Item HH00531.pdf Oral History of Ida Boston
Item SC00595T.pdf Oral History of Linda Moscato
Item Oral History of Matt Clancy
Item 3308.mp3 Oral History of Marva Y. Hawkins
Collection APKA00002.mp3 Jared Muha Collection
Exhibit LSP00009.jpg Transformation: From Civilian to Sailors
Item Oral History of Diane Yeaton
Item PHC00058T.pdf Oral History of Helen Michels
Item Oral History of Sally Mackay
Item OPO00003T.pdf Oral History of Hugh and Caroline James
Item Hannibal Square Heritage Center
Item Oral History of Derek Mason Henry
Item Oral History of Henry A. Martin
Item HH00011.jpg Princess Theater Cast Dressing Rooms
Item 3309.mp3 Oral History of Daphne F. Humphrey
Item Oral History of Paul H. Friedman
Item APKA00006.mp3 Oral History of Sister Gail Grimes
Item OPO00005T.pdf Oral History of Mark Fischer
Item Ep 49 Paul Ortiz Pt. 1.mp3 RICHES Podcast Documentaries, Episode 49: An Interview with Paul Ortiz, Part 1
Item HH00002.jpg A Tribute Recognizing Creative Sanford, Inc.
Item SC00747.jpg Dr. Annye Refoe and Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright
Item SC00596T.pdf Oral History of Walter Smith
Item HH00014.jpg Princess Theater Riser Seating
Item Ep 50 Paul Ortiz Pt. 2.mp3 RICHES Podcast Documentaries, Episode 50: An Interview with Paul Ortiz, Part 2
Item 3310.mp3 Oral History of Dr. Annye Refoe
Item HH00006.jpg Stage Set for Remade - Not Bought
Item HH00012.jpg "Remade - Not Bought" Display Window
Item OPO00004T.pdf Oral History of Lyman Brodie
Item PHC00057T.pdf Oral History of Gene Kruckemyer
Item HH00009.jpg Letter from John L. Mica to Trish Thompson (July 12, 2011)
Item OPO00001T.pdf Oral History of Andrew Lane
Item Oral History of Charles Lewis Hite
Item HH00051T.pdf Oral History of Marilyn Maples
Item OVD00022T.pdf Oral History of Paul Mikler
Collection CVHP00023.pdf Lone Sailor Navy Memorial History Project Collection
Collection CFMH00123.JPG Folk Collection
Item HH00008.jpg Letter from Chris Dorworth to Trish Thompson (June 16, 2011)
Collection CVHP00028.pdf UCF Community Veterans History Project Collection
Item 3311.mp3 Oral History of Dr. Stephen Caldwell Wright
Item HH00548.pdf Oral History of Edwin White and Carolyn White
Item Kelley Muller-Smith Oral History.pdf Oral History of Kelley Muller-Smith
Item SC00594T.pdf Oral History of Christine Kinlaw-Best
Item David Tossie Transcription.pdf Oral Memoirs of David Tossie
Item HH00167.jpg Backyard of Paul Mikler
Item SC00756.jpg Home of Marva Y. Hawkins, 2011
Item OPO00002T.pdf Oral History of David Schillhammer
Item Ep38 Wells Built.mp3 RICHES Podcast Documentaries, Episode 38: The Wells Built Hotel
Collection HH00052.wav Celery Soup: Florida's Folk Life Play Collection
Item SC00749.jpg Hawkins' Meat Market, 2011
Item SC00784.pdf Midwives Supply Needed Service Community
Item HH00168.jpg Mikler Playhouse by Bettye Reagan
Item Celery Soup: Florida’s Folk Life Play
Item TMH00045.jpg Original Members of The Outlaws, 1967
Item Oviedo Plane Crash_Transcription_2022.pdf Oral History of Oviedo Plane Crash (1962)
Item TMH00052.jpg The Outlaws in the 2000s
Item SC00789.pdf Rhonda Bowman and Betty Bowman
Item HH00018.jpg Trish Thompson
Item HH00543.pdf Oral History of Alice Kathryn Aulin Bunch
Item SC00752.jpg License to Practice Midwifery for Carrie Jones
Item TMH00051.jpg Monte Yoho, Henry Paul, Billy Jones, and Hugh "Hughie" Edwards Thomasson, Jr. of The Outlaws
Item PHC00055T.pdf Oral History of Serena Rankin Parks Fisher
Item SC00757.jpg Refoe Home, 2011
Item TMH00048.jpg The Outlaws at the Winterland Ballroom, 1975
Item PHC00060T.pdf Oral History of Shirley Muse
Item TCC00098.jpg Wells' Built Museum of African American History and Culture, 2007
Item HH00035T.pdf Oral History of Luticia "Tish" Lee, Linda Maliczowski, and Catherine "Cathy" Dingle
Item CVHP00027.pdf Oral History of Alan R. Holtz
Item HH00021T.pdf Oral History of Nancy Harris Ford
Item PHC00062T.pdf Oral History of Dr. Storm Leslie Richards
Item TMH00047.jpg Hugh "Hughie" Edwards Thomasson, Jr., Monte Yoho, Frank O'Keefe, Herbie Pino, and Billy Jones of The Outlaws
Item TMH00046.jpg Hugh "Hughie" Edwards Thomasson, Jr., Monte Yoho, and Billy Jones of The Outlaws
Item HH00019.jpg Woven Tales and Signature Boards at the Princess Theater
Item HH00020.jpg Baggs' Produce Cart from "Remade - Not Bought"
Item Florida Historical Quarterly, Episode 9: Vol. 89, No. 4, Spring 2011
Item SC00755.jpg Jones-Francis Maternity Hall, 2011
Item PHC00054T.pdf Oral History of Jackie Caolo
Item SC00774.jpg African-American Mother and Child at the Jones-Francis Maternity Hall
Item TMH00049.jpg Monte Yoho, Harvey Dalton Arnold, Hugh "Hughie" Edwards Thomasson, Jr., Billy Jones, and Henry Paul of The Outlaws
Item PHC00061T.pdf Oral History of Florence Patchell O'Connor
Item OGC00005.pdf Oral History of Nicholas Agon Kresky
Item HH00004.jpg Celery Ball
Item HH00001T.pdf Oral History of Sharon Karraker Driskell
Item CFMH00107.JPG The Supervillains' Bass Drum
Item CVHP00012.pdf Oral History of Sharon L. Ekern
Item CFMH00186T.pdf Oral History of Mick Dolan
Item Ep 41 Ovideo.mp3 RICHES Podcast Documentaries, Episode 41: Oviedo, with Dr. Richard Adicks
Item Ep 53 Community Based Research.mp3 RICHES Podcast Documentaries, Episode 53: Community-Based Research
Item SC00788.pdf Pamela Ruzinsky at Age Three
Item SC00787.pdf Pamela Ruzinsky at Age One
Item CFMH00113.jpg The Supervillains at the Beacham Theater, 2012
Item SC00781.jpg Marie Jones Francis Receiving Award
Item SC00786.JPG Marie Jones Francis with Nurses at the Jones-Francis Maternity Hall
Item WW00002.jpg Sunbathing at Weeki Wachee Springs
Item HH00001.jpg Cultural Preservation Award for Creative Sanford, Inc. and Celery Soup